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Thank you for your interest in our rental homes. We are working hard to build a reputation for clean, high quality houses for rent in the Metro-Atlanta area. Our maintenance and repair standards are very high so you can be assured of safe and comfortable living conditions.

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Equal Oportunity Housing
No Section 8 Vouchers
Agents Protected

  1. Click on the property above and read all the information provided. Most questions are answered on the information sheet for each property.

  2. Drive by at your convenience to see if the location and neighborhood meet your needs. You are welcome to look in the windows, walk around the yard, and talk to the neighbors.

  3. If you are prepared to apply for the house, check the webpage for that property to see when the next open house is scheduled. Or, you can call to make arrangements with the property manager. Remember to read the Rental Policies first so you will know what to bring with you.

  4. Print the Application and Release forms here:

    Application Form

    Release Form

  5. Fill out the forms completely and bring them (along with the other required items listed on the Rental Policies page) when you come to view the property.


Q - "Is this house still available?"

A - As soon as an application is accepted, this page is updated. If you can still see the property listed above, it is available.

Q - "When can I see it?"

A - We usually visit our properties a few times each week. Most of those scheduled visits are posted at the top of the property webpage so you can check the schedule and make plans to come by while we are there. Running a little late? Just let us know you are on the way and we'll wait for you.

We do not schedule individual appointments for private viewing. Instead, we post a schedule of several dates/times to choose from when people will be there. You are free to drop by and view the house during those times, or suggest a date/time to add to our schedule.

Q - "What about pets?"

A - We love dogs and cats. Our pet policy is explained in detail on the "Rental Policies" webpage.

Q - "Do you accept U. S. Government Section 8 vouchers?"

A - No. Sorry.

Q - "How do I get there?"

A - There is a "Print Map" link on the webpage of each house that will show you exactly where it is located.

Q - "What school district is it in?"

A - That information is included in the "Information Sheet" for each property. Click on the webpage for the house you are interested in and read all the information provided there for you.

Q - "I've never rented a house before. What would I be responsible for?"

A - Being responsible for a house involves much more than just renting an apartment inside a common building. The lease requires you to be responsible for care of the "property", meaning house AND yard. You will need to have a mower, weed eater, and hedge trimmers to maintain the property, or you can pay someone to handle it for you. Grass and bushes must be kept trimmed. Weeds and anything else springing up where it is not supposed to be must be controlled. If you can't keep the yard maintained, we will hire a lawn service to do it for you and bill you for the cost. The exceptions are trimming trees, cleaning gutters, and treating for termites. We handle all that. You are only required to report problems of that nature to us.

Inside the house would be no different than an apartment. We fix things that are broken or leaking. You fix things that are dirty or clogged. If you have any specific questions, or would like to see the lease before signing it, just let us know.

Q - "Why is another website showing information about this property different from what is shown here?"

A - This happens when our listings are copied by criminals and posted on other websites with false information to try and scam you. We have no control over those sites. Most website owners will remove fake ads when we report them, but not all. One of the worst offenders has been "www.housesforrent.ws". We have contacted them several times about fake ads but they refuse to remove them. They also mirror those fake ads on "rentspeed.com". Do not believe anything you read on those websites. The authoritative answers will always be found here on our own website.


Serious inquiries call 404-202-8657, or click to send an e-mail to property management.

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